Presentation of the product from Extruchain :

Based on our experience concerning weak points reported on existing chains of other manufactures, we have some years ago developed a new generation of lubrication free chains for extrusion tunnels like the Straight-line, Glacier and BT tunnels. We also produce these chains for Dino etc.

We call the chain for: Extruchain

Benefits from Extruchain:
• Steel used 100% stainless
• Plastic quality that do not deteriorate
• Riveted
• Lubrication free

Our experience shows that existing chains in other manufactures have at least 2 of the following weaknesses:

1.The steel used in the chains is not stainless steel.
2.The plastic material used crystallises because of detergents.
3.The chains are assembled with press fit, not riveted.
4.The chains need lubrication and make black spots.

Below a more detailed description of our solutions:

Extruchain is made 100% of stainless materials. Chain links and pins are all of high alloy stainless steel. Extruchain is riveted contrary to existing chain. As the existing chain has a press fit, it requires a hardened pin in order to obtain a relatively strong assembly, as well as the steel links can not be of stainless steel. The chain can be custom made as well, for example in other material, like ANSI 316 Hardened steel is not stainless, and there for existing chains corrodes.

Plastic parts
Bushings, rollers and glide shoes are of plastic. For Extruchain we have chosen to continue with the same plastic type as on the original lubrication free chain. We have based the decision on our experience, which proves that the original plastic material has shown the best endurance against crystallisation caused by the detergents used for cleaning and disinfection of extrusion tunnels.

Assembly Extruchain is a one-side riveted chain: In the chain pins, we have made a small recess to fix the chain links in the up position and to eliminate the chain links from being pressed up. After assembly, the chain pins are enlarged/riveted in the other end. Consequently we have eliminated the problem seen on other manufactured chains assembled with press fit where it is often seen that the lower chain link is being pressed of the pin, even when small errors in alignment of chain guides have occurred. By the design of the chain pin and by riveting Extruchain, we have eliminated these problems.

Lubrication free: Extruchain is constructed in such a way that no movable steel parts touch each other, the links have plastic bushings, and therefore the chain does not need lubrication. By making the chain lubrication free we have eliminated “black spots” which comes from chains requiring lubrication.

After intensive tests in laboratory and with clients, the Extruchain was released some years ago for commercial sale, and has been in production at several machines worldwide.

Price Please take contact for our best quotation.
We will need information about type of line, pitch and number of meters required.